Chapter 2 – Of all genders

Grupo Efêmmera Grafiteiras – Bela Gregório

Grafiteira and founder of the Efemmeras network

The Efemmeras group acts as a network of entrepreneurship and valorization of female protagonism in street culture.

André Fischer

Journalist, founder of MixBrasil

André is the founder of MixBrasil, a festival focused on the culture of diversity through cinema, theater and music. The festival has the role of empowering and valuing and today is one of the main channels of the popular cultural LGBTQIA.

Rico Dalasam

Musician – rapper

Jefferson Ricardo da Silva, or Rico Dalasam, 25, is the only openly gay rapper in the Brazilian scene and emerges as a representative of the queer rap movement.

Leo Moreira Sá


Leo Moreira has many nuances, once an anarchist, owner of nightclub, actor of the group “Os Satyros” and theater illuminator, today he is the founding director of the Brazilian Association of Trans Men and one of the successful transsexual actors in the Brazilian series market.

Beatriz Seigner


Born in Sao Paulo, 33, Beatriz Seigner is an exponent of the new generation of the national cinema. He directed the first India-Brazil co-production, “Bollywood Dream” (2010), which was in more than 20 festivals. In May, his most recent film, “Los Silencios”, participated in the Directors’ Fortnight of the 71st Cannes Film Festival.

Maite Schneider


Transsexual actress and activist in the transsexuals’ fight for rights. Her story was the subject of an episode of the series Tabu and the play Escravagina (Slave-agina).