Chapter 4 – We are all like this

Chapter 4 – We are all like this

Ariel Goldenberg


Ariel, 37, is a carrier of Down Syndrome. He became known to the general public as one of the protagonists of the film “Buddies”. In addition to acting, he also helped to raise funds and worked on the marketing of the film. As an actor, he participated in the “Carga Pesada” series of Rede Globo and the soap opera “Jamais Te Esquecerei” by SBT.

Billy Saga


In addition to 20 years of rap, the wheelchair rapper Billy Saga is the president of the NGO “Movimento SuperAção”, created in 2003 by young people concerned about a society that does not yet recognize the citizenship of people with disabilities.

Giovanni Venturini


Bearer of dwarfism (has 1.10 m in height), Giovanni studied theater and circus arts. During his career he refused several roles due to stereotypes. The recognition came when he was praised for his special participation in the soap opera “Chiquititas”. After that, he gained a fixed role as the character Nico in the soap opera “Cúmplices de um Resgate”. He is an artist of the Circodança group.

Maria Goret Chagas

Visual artist

Speaker, retired university professor, painter and writer, Maria Goret has congenital deficiency, atrophic limbs. Today she is part of AMFPA – Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. Her paintings are spread over several countries. Her books are about inclusion.

Marina Guimarães


Born blind, Marina is a dancer since she was ten years old and conquered the world by showing her dance during the closing ceremony of the London Paralympic Games in 2012. She is a member of the Fernanda Bianchini Ballet Association. Graduated in Nutrition, she works at the Court of Justice of São Paulo.

Rogério Ratão

Sculptor and ceramist

Blind since the age of 18, Rogério began sculpting in 1992, when he took a course in theory and practice with the Chilean sculptor Angel San Martin, while at the same time he studied History of Art at the São Paulo Arts Workshop. Since then he has had his works exhibited in museums and galleries. Today he is a professor of sculpture in the “Equal Different” program of the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo.