Chapter 5 – Of all Beliefs

Chapter 5 – Of all Beliefs

Benedito Santeiro


A self-taught sculptor, Benedito is one of the santeiros (sculptor specialized in saints) remaining in Brazil. His work has been recognized nationally (he has already been invited to restore works by Aleijadinho) and internationally. His works are spread across countries like Portugal, France, Italy, Australia and Chile.

Carlinhos Brown


The singer, arranger, composer and cultural producer from Bahia presents in his work the influence of candomblé and the ritualistic ancestry of the terreiros. This influence is evidenced in works like the disc “Candombless”, dedicated to the religion of African matrix.



Coming from a Jewish origin, the singer from São Paulo interprets songs in Hebrew and Ladino, language of the Sephardic Jews (inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula in the 15th century). She has seven discs and a DVD released, with a total of about 100 thousand copies sold.

Maycon Mesquita


Trumpeter and bachelor in music, Maycon Mesquita performs in jazz houses, such as Jazz B. Maycon believes in music as contact with God and through his spontaneous compositions tries to express his belief, what he sees and dialogues and the trumpet becomes an extension of his body.

Ronaldo Rego


Sculptor and engraver, Ronaldo Rego is an Umbanda priest. His production, mostly composed of sculptures in polychrome wood and iron, is linked to this religion and candomblé, reinterpreting the symbols related to both.