Chapter 6 – Time to create

Chapter 6 – Time to create


Artist / graffiti artist

One of the great names of street art in Brazil, graffiti artist and activist Mundando brought visibility to collectors of recyclable materials through the NGO Pimp My Carroça. He is part of Ashoka, Amaphiko Fellow and in 2014 participated in Ted Global.

Jéssica Queiroz


Woman, black and filmmaker. She is the director of the short film “Peripatético”, which portrays the lives of three young people at the time of the attacks of the criminous faction Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC) in São Paulo. The film was the winner in the categories Best Screenplay and Special Prize at the Brasília Festival of 2016 and best short film at the 22nd National Competitive Short Film Festival.

Roberto Rackin


Born in Pirituba, a peripheral district of the state capital, Roberto has a history of overcoming: he was born with a crooked right foot (made an operation at nine months) and only had contact with the dance at age 13. However, he became known in early 2018 when, at the age of 17, he won 1st place at the 15th Berlin Dance Festival in the Contemporary category.

Talitha Rossi

Visual artist

Born in 1987, Thalita develops her work from her own poetics, which questions the positioning of the generation Y in the face of female and media issues. Performances, photography, videos, installations and objects are her supports of choice. She lives in Rio de Janeiro.

J. Borges

Wood engraver

Born in 1935, Jorge Borges is one of the masters of cordel, being the most recognized Brazilian wood engraver in the world.  Through his woodcuts he portrays the cultural universe of the Northeastern people, with themes about cangaço, love, miracles, religiosity, etc.

Marcos Prado


Marcos Prado is a Rio de Janeiro filmmaker who has produced major national titles such as Elite Squad, Elite Squad 2 and Bus 174. He is also the director of Estamira, a documentary about the life of Estamira Gomes de Sousa, a lady who lived and worked in the Jardim Gramacho dump in Rio de Janeiro, who had a philosophical and lucid discourse that made her famous.